Oral arguments were presented in the most prominent lawsuit challenging the federal government’s repeal of broadband access rules known as net neutrality.

The Federal Communications Commission approved the rules in 2015 to ensure internet users equal and open access to all websites and services.

More than 30 states have introduced bills to add their own net neutrality protections. Nine, including California, New York, Rhode Island and Washington, have approved such regulations.

In repealing the net neutrality rules, the commission included a provision barring states from creating their own regulations. The goal was to avoid a patchwork of rules across the country.

Traditionally, states had authority over telecommunications within their borders, but companies and the federal government have argued that the internet’s global nature makes it harder to regulate state by state.

The case is just one front in the fight over net neutrality in the United States. There has not been any precedent on net neutrality in Kenya.

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