As a legal tech community, 2018 saw an increase in numbers, interest, events as well as legal instruments.

Below is a glimpse of our top three.

Data Protection

Data Protection and Privacy was at the helm of our conversations as our Legal Hackers community engaged in stakeholder consultations for both Kenya Data Protection Bills. From the Senate as well as from the National Assembly.

Our Co – organizer also presented a lightning talk on the cost of social media and customer service delivery at the annual Forum on Internet Freedoms in Africa.

Blockchain and Emerging Technologies

As a chapter, we partnered with other Legal Hackers chapters to host the Computational Law and Blockchain Festival 2018 which was a success. We had amazing partners on the ground including Bithub Africa, Hiil, Uwakili the DIY Law platform, the Strathmore Centre of Intellectual Property and ICT Law, Kenya ICT Action Network and the leading tech blog Techweez.

We also had an opportunity to discuss several emerging technologies as well as a session on blockchain in partnership with the Moringa School through a series dubbed ‘Tech Lex 101’ over several months.

We got Lawyers to learn how to code!

Writing code has been on my personal to do list for a while. Turns out I wasn’t alone!

In 2018, we partnered with the amazing Start Up Africa’s Talking and had a class of 20 lawyers learning how to code in python! This is my personal highlight

We’ve put together the key legal instrument highlights for the year. You can access the full article here.

As a chapter, we look forward to delivering three things this year.

Growth, Impact and Relevance for our partners, members and co – chapters.

Have a prosperous 2019!