Our Legal Hackers Global team was featured on Forbes in an article penned by Valentin Pivovarov, a Contributor on Forbes who writes about legal tech and how it is changing access to justice. He is also an Organizer of on of our European Chapters, Kyiv Legal Hackers.

In the insightful artice, Valentin speaks of the beginnings of the Hacker culture. He demystifies the long held concept on the ‘evil’ perceived nature of hackers. He states, ‘… Despite the fact that the media perceived ‘hackers’ as associated with harm, there have always been those who seek to do no harm. These hackers practice ‘white hat’ ethical hacking.’

He elaborately discusses the concept of Legal Hacking stating that. ‘There are also some different types of hacking, and one of the most popular and fast-growing is legal hacking. It means that lawyers are using technologies to solve legal problems and optimize their work process on the one side, and people are using technologies to solve their own legal problems on the other.’

Today, Legal Hackers chapters have spread to all continents and exist in 110 cities in the world. Every year, the community gathers more and more people from all over the world.

Ours is an open and collaborative community of individuals passionate about exploring and building creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Our Nairobi Chapter was the first to be established in Africa in 2016, through which we have actively been engaged in the growth and development of the Silicon Savannah.

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